The Benefits of Social Media for Professional Athlete

25th Oct 2021

Athletes and the social media outlets they use.

There is a constant debate in professional sports circles about whether or not social media can be a positive force for athletes. Some see it as a distraction from the task at hand, while others believe that it helps to build their brands and market themselves to fans. 

In this day and age of technology, social media is an essential part of any athlete’s repertoire. Especially when you consider the fact that athletes are some of the most followed people on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Twitter.

How social media has benefited players.

Social media has become a key component of the professional athlete’s lifestyle. Athletes can broadcast their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics at the click of a button, which makes them more connected to their fans. They can also update their followers on their travels with Instagram posts or share their workouts with videos. Professional athletes have created a wide range of companies that offer products and services to their fanbase, leveraging social media to boost initial exposure to potential customers. 

The benefits of social media for professional athletes include: 

  • an outlet to express themselves and their lifestyle, 
  • a sense of community with the fans,
  • increased self-confidence,
  • and a way to branch out into other fields. 

How social media has hurt players.

The benefits of social media for professional athletes are clear, but there are drawbacks as well. Players have been criticized for tweeting during a game, posting a picture of themselves at a strip club, getting into fight, using drugs and many other actions deemed inappropriate by society. In 2018, the NBA and the NFL both warned players about using social media during games. The NBA said they would fine players for using social media, and the NFL said they would remove players from games if they used social media. Misuse of social media platforms have made players vulnerable to criticism from fans and the media.


In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to have a successful career without enlisting the help of social media. Social media can be a great resource if used correctly and can make a huge difference in how you are seen by others. In the past, professional athletes had to rely on journalists for publicity but now they can do it themselves. This has caused them to still have strong followings even after retirement.