DJ Epps Develops New Brand and Website

26th Oct 2021

DJ Epps Develops New Brand and Website

Learn why the world-famous DJ Epps recently upgraded his brand and developed a fresh new website with BrandStar Sports and Entertainment.


Who is DJ Epps?

DJ Epps, also known as Yves Felix Jr., is Miami’s go-to hip-hop DJ. He can be found at all the hottest nightclubs, as well as daytime pool parties, lunch events, and boat shows. On top of this, Epps has secured several opportunities throughout the entertainment community on radio shows, including B.E.T.’s Rap City with Big Tigger, Sirius Satellite, Miami’s local radio WEDR 99jamz, and Power 96 & 103.5 The Beat. Now he is currently rocking in West Palm Beach Beatz 96.3. 

Epps’s versatile style of mixing, blending, and selection has solidified his place as not just Miami’s most talented DJ’s but the world’s most talented DJ. Epps has rocked the beat in many different markets and countries such as Taiwan, Dubai, Nicaragua, Germany, Switzerland, China, Austria, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy to showcase his skills.


How is BrandStar Sports & Entertainment helping DJ Epps Shine Brighter?

In an effort to modernize Epp’s brand and win partnerships, Epps teamed up with BrandStar Sport and Entertainment. The team improved his personal brand to represent his visual identity as a DJ better. Afterward, Epp’s and the team created a fresh new website for DJ Epps to win brand sponsorships and take on the world. 

Check out DJ Epps’s new website at